A New Day

It is incredible for me to think that 2011 is gone. Time has flown by and I can hardly remember what’s occurred.

Going into year three after the Agora program, life has definitely gotten smoother, and the connection deeper.

I’ve become the most authentic I’ve ever been since revealing my ‘patientwife’ identity on the Lotus Blossoming Telesummit this past summer. Earlier this year my case study story, titled “Who am I and how did I get here?” was chosen for the Top 25 of 2011 for the Hot Mommas Project based at George Washington University School of Business in Washington DC. And as I contemplate, with brutal and complete honesty, how I feel and what is next for me, I feel calm and excited.

What is thrilling is DH is writing. He is and has always been a writer, but during those challenged years there was no writing. My belief is that our suppressed creative expression creates a de-pression in our soul. I have felt it as I’m sure you have at times. And so I celebrate each moment when he decides to allow the words and ideas to flow. And obviously it inspires me as well!!!

I invite you to also embrace a way of expressing Self today: dance, sing, draw and doodle, paint, wiggle or go swing on a swing. Play with your children and let them lead. Open a journal and let it out. Whatever you do, enjoy it and feel it open your heart.

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